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🗣️ ¡Ahí están! 2 nuevos juegos anunciados para

🎮 Celeste
🎥 youtu.be/wpPbNgFEetU

🎮 El Hijo - A wild west tale
🎥 youtu.be/DZGoLW4PFL4

🔴 ¡Ahí ahí! Que vayan soltando lastre de cara al connect.

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Ya disponible en la edición Deluxe Schumacher de @Formula1game de @Codemasters al precio de 79,99 euros

Irás a por esta o esperas al día 10? 🗣️

bit.ly/2ZHemKF vía @Stadianos

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Orcs Must Die! 3 irá a 4k 60fps y con resolución dinámica en

bit.ly/31SqP0A vía @Stadianos

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📢 Tip 7: No editor, no problem. Create your PRs in a browser with a @code experience powered by Codespaces on @github. 🚀

➡️ Sign up for the preview: github.com/features/codespaces

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Due to the tireless work of treefit and the desktop team we finally have Delta Chat on Mac appstore, and Windows app store is there as well. Enjoy!
If you want to go multi-device please use export/transfer-file/import -- afterwards multi-device works already conveniently.

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🚀 Are you a passionate looking for a new challenge?
🚀 If you are a highly-motivated individual with a genuine interest in & cutting-edge products, We want you!
🚀 Junior profiles welcome😉

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