I have moved one of my domains from gitlab pages over to @codeberg pages. The automatic LetsEncrypt certificate is even easier than in GitLab IMO. BTW, is there a way to have two different domains pointing to the same site without redirection?

@jumpinglangur please join the discussion in the Codeberg issue tracker! :)

@jumpinglangur As far as I know, you can define any number of domains for a single repo but all of them will redirect to the first in the list.
I guess, it should be possible to setup a mirror repo and have two domains as primary.

@lig right, that's what I understood from the docs. I guess the mirror repo solution would also require registering a new account?

@jumpinglangur I don't think so. As far as I understand this
I've can have a custom domain pointing directly to a repo page that otherwise has an address in the form

@lig well, in the end I could host the source and the deployment of both domains in a single repository. The source lives in the main branch, and it is simply deployed to two other branches using this script:


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