The new logo is from @kasun

Thanks for your contribution 👍 and congrats!

Thank you! I'm glad people like it

I took the idea of using the Fediverse logo from a toot by @deutrino and took the colors from current Mastalab icon. So I can't take all credits 😄


@kasun the fediverse logo was made originally by @nestort based on a previous design from @colegota when the node was looking for a custom emoji to represent the fediverse :fed:

@tom79 @deutrino

@inditoot yes, you can found the original svg in the wikipedia page as a logo proposal but Mastodon needs a png file to upload a custom emoji like this...

@kasun @nestort @colegota @tom79 @deutrino

@inditoot @kim @kasun @colegota @tom79 @deutrino Thank you all! This is the fediverse and freedom spirit. Things and creations freely spreading everywhere they have to. Long life the fediverse and this spirit 🖖:fed: 🙏✨😊

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