#OpenStreetMap knows me so well: "Very occasional editor. Mostly likes to add things when bored or travelling." Absolutely spot on.

Btw, I've been enjoying using #StreetComplete app more and more while on the go. It's kind of addictive to clear all the questions in the area where you're standing and, at the same time, help improve #OSM. I highly recommend it.


@xuv It seems like a game.... and it looks addictive!!

@lluis_nacenta It's definitely a game. :) A bit repetitive, and thus addictive. But for the good cause.

I've just spent the last few days adding accessibilty information to OSM using the app. Feels good :)


@xuv installed and running. It is actually quite fun! I agree it feels good to contribute to the common, libre and open map. And it is so easy!!

@xuv pels que no n'estigueu al cas, parlem d'aquest app per afegir infos que falten a OpenStreetMap:

StreetComplete (Aplicació de topografia per a l'OpenStreetMap) - f-droid.org/app/de.westnordost

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