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Out of curiosity, how many people still use RSS (or Atom)?

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Dear fedipeople,

My laptop is giving me more and more problems (it is quite old) so it might be time for a change. I'm looking for a laptop with an i7 (or similar spec AMD) processor, with at least 8GB of ram, with SSD as main storage, not too heavy and with good battery life (not the most important though). And last but not least without windows and linux compatible (preinstalled or not).

Do you have any recommendations? For now I've checked , and
They all have interesting and configurable options but there might be more interesting ones.

Thank you 😃

#linux #computer #laptop #recommendation #help
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#Inkscape developers in France 🇫🇷 , Germany 🇩🇪 , Spain 🇪🇸 and the US 🇺🇸 are currently working to fix bugs in preparation for version 1.0 during the final day of our week-long Distributed Bugfest!

🐜 🐛 🐞 🐜 🐛 🐞 🐜 🐛 🐞 🐜 🐛 🐞

If you're curious to see which bugs have been tackled, head here:

#collaboration #opensource

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@spla Estava rellegint la pàgina "sobre" i sóc molt fan de la "disculpa" frase:
" is not related to cats, sorry.". D'alguna manera entén (de forma humorística) la decepció d'algú que ve a veure gatets i es troba amb nosaltres...

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Dear #India after #twitter its also time to ditch #Instagram ! Here is the #Fediverse alternative for #photos - #Pixelfed a federated #picture sharing site. You can also follow pixelfed accounts and posts directly from #Mastodon itself.

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Aquí tienes el episodio 92, Productividad en GNU/Linux
Sácale el máximo partido a tu sistema. Utiliza el teclado para ser más eficiente en tu distribución favorita.

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FFmpeg lets you convert, filter, edit and play audio and video from the command line. It is also the base for many other players, graphical converters and editors. Help FFmpeg continue being amazing by donating here:


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We've just updated the spam filter to immensely reduce the number of false positives. Please let us know your feedback again! 😃

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Multiple #FreeAssange activists, including but not limited to #SomersetBean and #AngelFox71 are now receiving notifications from #Google that the #USA Department of Justice is investigating their accounts. #FuckOffGoogle

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Hello Fediverse, and and especially PeerTube's admins.

After finding Neo-Nazi content on the instance I was using, I realized that far-right groups have created PeerTube instances or use unmoderated instances to share their videos.

This content federates on other instances.

I've created this account to list somewhere theses instances, making it easier to isolate them and their content and protect us.

The list :


You can help by reporting instances to this account.

You can follow this account to get update about this list (theses will be under a content warning).

( Inspired by @isolategab )

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Hey folks! I have friends in some pretty serious need, and life has been piling on in a “wait what” sort of way. They need house repairs, car repairs, computer repairs, and body repairs, all in short order. If you could throw them a few bucks or boost the signal it would mean a lot.


"Cuervo ingenuo", de Javier Krahe con Sabina.
Tan genial y tan actual, décadas después...
(¡Atención, enlace a youtube!)

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♲ Difusió si us plau! Li han robat la moto al meu fill,era dins el pàrquing comunitari,Kawasaki Z900,de juliol 2019. Feta denúncia
Sé que es difícil,però vull confiar en la màgia de TW
#motosrobadas #Motos #Barcelona #Badalona
@mossos @barcelona_GUB @BDNOTIS…………

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Mostrar més, xarxa social pels catalans d'arreu.

Servidor social en català per a la comunitat de llengua i cultura catalana d'arreu d'internet.