@Tutanota As I new user, I have two related questions. I see that there is no IMAP/SMTP support (for security reasons), but there is any chance that in the future we will be able to use an e-mail client (in addition to the official, of course).

And also, it would be useful to send mails from the command line in linux (as clients like are not available to be used).

Thank you!

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@marcelcosta No, IMAP support is not planned. But we plan to improve the desktop clients so that you can connect external email accounts via IMAP. Will forward your 'command line' request to the devs.

@Tutanota So, the external client would connect to the tuta-client instead of to the server?

I would like to use the command line client in a raspberry pi to send automatic notifications through email.

Thanks for the attention!

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