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Portugal se adelanta a Europa y prohíbe la venta de cubiertos, platos y pajitas de plástico a partir de 2020. La nueva normativa extiende el veto sobre el uso de utensilios de un sólo uso a los bares y restaurantes lusos

Protecting Romania's forests is dangerous work: 2 rangers have been killed, and whistleblowers face intimidation.

@greenpeace_ro spoke to @guardian and helped them meet the people on the frontline of forest protection.



At least 23 people have died.
29 others are missing.
More than 1,400 homes have been destroyed.
Yet the crisis is far from over in Australia.

We need to act now. #ClimateEmergency >>


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Just a reminder that the only time we seem to be able to reduce CO₂ emissions is in times of economic crisis...

The challenge for climate policy is to reduce emissions without collapsing the economy (as opposed to being agnostic to growth) 

Greenpeace Chile activists showed the direct impacts of #ClimateChange earlier this year. Aculeo Lagoon, which was once a plentiful water source, now runs dry. Follow the link to show you demand #ClimateAction:


#StateofClimate in 2019:

In 2019, ocean heat content in the upper 700m and upper 2000m continued at record or near-record levels, with the average for the year so far exceeding the previous record highs set in 2018.



2019 concludes a decade of exceptional global heat. Average temperatures for the five-year (2015-2019) and ten-year (2010-2019) periods are almost certain to be the highest on record. Since the 1980s each decade has been warmer than the previous one.


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The new @WMO Greenhouse Bulletin is out, with atmospheric concentrations of the main GHGs all continue to grow.

Concentrations in 2018 were
CO2: 147%
CH4: 259%
N2O: 123%
higher than pre-industrial levels (before 1750 levels)


#Climate #Anxiety, How to Move Past Grief and What Action You Can Take

"So I accept collapse. I accept that we will likely see more stress on parts of the world leading to climate refugees, food security issues and devastating events that people will need to rebuild from. I accept that we are on a trajectory that puts us on a collision course with extinction..."

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction

*Naomi Klein: 'We are seeing the beginnings of the era of climate barbarism' *

"The No Logo author talks about solutions to the climate crisis, Greta Thunberg, birth strikes and how she finds hope"

"… I still feel that the way that we talk about climate change is too compartmentalised, too siloed from the other crises we face. A really strong theme running through the book is the links between it and the crisis of rising white supremacy, the various forms of nationalism and the fact that so many people are being forced from their homelands, and the war that is waged on our attention spans. These are intersecting and interconnecting crises and so the solutions have to be as well.


It’s more obvious the way the climate crisis challenges a rightwing dominant worldview, and the cult of serious centrism that never wants to do anything big, that’s always looking to split the difference. But this is also a challenge to a left worldview that is essentially only interested in …"

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#Oil, #gas giants spend 250m on #EU #lobbying

Research showed that #BP, #Chevron, #ExxonMobil, #Shell and #Total, as well as trade groups acting on their behalf, have held at least 327 high level meetings with #European #Commission officials since Commission President Jean-Claude #Juncker took office in 2014 -- an average of more than 1 a week.
The findings came from publicly listed documents, and companies who responded to requests ...

#ClimateCrisis #Capitalism

Com construïm ? Des de la lluita fins el i la justícia . Presentació dels llibres "Demà serà un altre dia" i " " | Coordinadora per a la Salvaguarda del
Amb Joan i
El migdia del ds. 26 a

Energy-related CO2 emissions to rise 0.6% annually through 2050

Global #CarbonDioxide (#CO2) #emissions from energy-related sources are projected to #rise 0.6% per year from 2018 to 2050, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The #growth in energy-related CO2 emissions is expected to come from the group of countries outside the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (#OECD).

#ClimateCrisis #Energy #Capitalism

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