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Explore the rich biodiversity of our oceans - and the threats facing them - in this incredible interactive piece from @Bluemarinef



IN THE NEWS 📰 DNA evidence helped authorities in the United States and the Democratic Republic of Congo seize more than a ton of illegal elephant ivory, rhinoceros horn and pangolin scales in a multimillion dollar trafficking bust!



Another tactic to avoid real climate action: make consumers falsely believe that they can drive “carbon-neutral”. Tell @Shell_Canada to stop the #Greenwashing and start reducing their own emissions!


Gestió de l'.

Quantes vegades hem sentit la necessitat d'escoltar una veu experta i objectiva que ens aportés llum per entendre el conflicte existent amb l'ampliació de l', les reivindicacions de la o les amenaces amb la gestió de l'aigua en relació amb el ?

Teatre Auditori , dimarts 16 de novembre a les 7 del vespre.


Number of people living in areas affected by extreme heat stress – combination of heat and humidity - could ⬆️ from 68 million today to around ONE BILLION (nearly 15-fold rise) if global temperature rise reaches 2°C, per @metoffice study.


1 billion people could face extreme #heat stress if global temperature rise reaches 2°C above pre-industrial era, per @metoffice study
At 4°C, there will be multiple severe risks, incl extreme heat, flooding, drought and wildfires
#COP26 #ClimateAction


dianea wrote the following post Tue, 09 Nov 2021 05:56:55 +0100 "Greta Thunberg Accuses World Leaders of 'Pure Madness' for Climate Failures at COP26"

"Rejecting the label of 'radical' that has been assigned to climate action advocates for decades, Fridays for Future leader Greta Thunberg addressed thousands of campaigners in the center of Glasgow on Friday as politicians at the United Nations' 26th Conference of the Parties unveiled plans to combat the climate emergency—plans, Thunberg and others at the rally said, don't go nearly far enough in limiting the heating of the planet to 1.5°C."

"Contrary to what many in power claim, Thunberg said, policymakers' apparent belief that 'our world can survive a 2.7° or 3° hotter world is not only extremely radical—it's pure madness.'"

"Thunberg's speech drew loud applause from thousands of young people who traveled to Glasgow from all over the world to march as the conference, known as COP26, marked 'Youth and Public Empowerment Day.'"

"'The people in power are scared of the truth, but they cannot ignore the scientific consensus and above all, they cannot ignore, us, the people—including their own children.'"

"'We don't need any more distant, non-binding pledges. We don't need any more empty promises... Yet that is all that we are getting and no, that is not radical to say.'"


Since its designation in June 2020, Chimanimani National Park has been an example of how conservation projects are working to bolster Mozambique's protected wildlands.

A Structured Literature Review of the Meat Paradox

"Many people wish to avoid harming animals, yet most people also consume meat. This theoretical ‘meat paradox’ is a form of cognitive dissonance and has grave negative consequences for animal welfare and the environment."
#psychology #diet #veganism #animalrights #meatconsumption #review #openscience

Los países acuden a la cumbre climática con planes insuficientes para evitar el recalentamiento desastroso de la Tierra a través de @eldiarioes

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