@nenaAdoctrinada @kmckaig do you think the sticker designers made a profit off this

Violets are blue,
And roses are red.
And advertisement still
Does shit in your head.

I often sit in thentube like that because some of the lines are also fucking loud. Why don't all the hold-on-to-the-handrail mind-the-gappers maybe consider the public health risk noise?

Ça me fait penser au "work buy consume die" de (malheureusement) feu The Designers Republic.


True, but too bad socialism/communism were just as bad. Slow life with guilds in medieval times is what you are dreaming about too, right?

I imagine current life with guilds and a slower paced life, and distributed industries, and I think I might like it. But there are too many reasons it would not work in our current life/technology.


>Not being able to completely mentally ignore ads at this point
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