The #fediverse logo design challenge is still waiting for someone to collect the $1 million prize ;)

@pfefferle just pointed to a very nice old logo design.. the one of the Federated Social Web Summit:

Maybe and brightness of current #logo can be combined with the more organic #design of this logo?

Fedi is grassroots and organic, after all, right? But also more vibrant and diverse, than a growing 'spore' that the matte green conveys.

#ux #ui #art #artist #artwork

Does #Fediverse not have an icon yet?! This must be solved.

The Fedilab icon is brilliant but it can't be too similar to that obviously.

The green one above is a bit too busy.


@dsfgs @pfefferle

I am indeed using the other colorful logo for some time now, but apparently it is still a proposal, also stated as such on Wikipedia:

The other one is indeed quite busy, but I like the more organic feel, instead of very techical, rational balanced node grid.

In terms of topologies the current logo stands for 'fully connected', while #fediverse is much more of a 'mesh'.

Here's a design.

If you have #I2P, its at http://sharefile.i2p/file/9c/9c42d5fa58ae734133e8de83a89e1bc6f1805c401303a677f3265542c99bb1f3/Fediverse_v01.png

The SHA256 is in the URL.

If you don't have I2P you may have luck accessing the image over the unreliable Cloudflare service. It doesn't seem to fetch the image.

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@drq @tallship @person

@nestort @humanetech @pfefferle @drq @tallship @person @eylul

As a Tor user we cannot #UploadImages.

If you are able to access the image, please upload it so others can more easily see it.

I can't see @dsfgs 's image. Anyway, I'm working on something here... One of the things I do not like from the orginal perfect pentagon is that it is too "tight", in the sense that it looks too rigid, and the is anything but rigid, and that's something I liked from @pfefferle 's suggestion. The central figure is my main idea, the others are copies and support material. It still needs work (so it looks OK on dark background, and monochrome)

@humanetech @drq @tallship @person @eylul


I love 💖 the direction you're thinking in. The centre image gives me the appearance of a person figure (2 arms and legs), though that may be intended (with #fediverse being "The People's Web"), I like the abstract form in top-right better.

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@nestort @dsfgs @pfefferle @drq @tallship @person @eylul

#fediverse note that there's also the search for a slogan to accompany the #logo #design ..

So far we have:

Fediverse: The People's Web

Fediverse: Social network, social

Fediverse: People. Social. United.



@humanetech @dsfgs @pfefferle @drq @tallship @person @eylul
Maybe for a better diffusion of this proposal of an evolution for the logo, I'll put all the versions in one single image here.

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😍 Absolutely adoring it !!

PS. What I like in @dsfgs proposal is nodes of different sizes (feels more 3D, and small or large there always space on the fediverse)

@pfefferle @drq @tallship @person @eylul

Thanks Humane Tech, yes that is what we were thinking with the different sizes. On a website, alongside other social icons, you would just use the smallest one, the 'F'.

If Fedi is your main (or only) social platform then you might use the "Fedi" or "Fediverse" one.

"On Fedi" and "On Fediverse" might be more useful??? An 'o' and an 'n' would need to be done for that. The 's' needs adjusting also (currently looks a bit like a '%').

@nestort @pfefferle @drq @tallship @person @eylul

I like the different possibilities of this logo: F, Fedi, Fediverse. Ia also agree the "s" in the "Fediverse" version could hace at least its bottom trace extended to the left.
The F alone, however, could be a logo of anything, since it does not have any specificity of the Fediverse. Maybe a different F which does (something in the lines of logo, or a mesh with an F shape, for example) could be better.

@humanetech @pfefferle @drq @tallship @person @eylul

Look closely at the shape.

Its doing five things.

Someone tipped us off to the forth and fifth in these messages. We only designed it thinking of three things.

We may have been able to cook up something different.

Its related to the 'peace fist' idea and might be #animatable (possibly not a word). Not sure about the context of when a person would use an animated icon for Fedi but expect a rough concept sketch soon.

@humanetech @pfefferle @drq @tallship @person @eylul


Hi Nestort, feel free to upload this design if you like. I think disroot will only keep the file up for 30 days.

Thanks in advance. Anti-Tor behaviour by Cloudflare and others affecting people's ability to communicate, as usual.

Fixed the 's' in the first #FediverseIcon we did. Improved the 'v' a bit too.

If people like this one, the svg can be uploaded.

Does anyone have a dropbox that doesn't require #javascript. Like #sharefileDotI2P? If so, please DM. Thanks.

@humanetech @pfefferle @drq @tallship @person @eylul

A couple glyphs fixed in this one. It's less important to upload though. If you a stretched for time, just upload that other one.

We look forward to getting feedback from the team.

These star/pentagram designs are colourful but being based on the pentagram they are a bit too busy and too… perfect… for an icon today.

Wondering whether a fist, can be evoked from a knotted constellation. That would be a very interesting design challenge.

We can try to work on something like that, if its even possible.

A fist would be empowering as a symbol. Also a peace sign to the side angle could make an 'F'? hmm.

@humanetech @pfefferle @drq @tallship @person @eylul


That is nothing to be sorry about, Quadragon. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We may do a fediverse vote in the end...

Or not even. My whole 'contest'-like introduction was introduced with a 😉 wink, as there is no contest at all, of course.

And there may not even be a 'centralized' logo, but some alternatives with sufficient equivalence (the biz world calls it 'branding') to choose from, to be consistent with others.

@nestort @dsfgs @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

@humanetech _something_ _must_ mean "the Fediverse" to the most people. That's how signs work. We don't have each our own letter K, for example.

Luckily, we already have such sign, made by @nestort and me.

And I don't know about Nestort, but I'd be damned if I'm not gonna defend my work.

I propose we stick to that design. It's laconic and minimal, it has symmetry to it, it says what it has to say about what it signifies, without going into unnecessary technical details.

@dsfgs @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

@drq duly noted, and valid points again.

Note that I like current logo and am using it too. Current discussion was originally opened by @nestort on #SocialHub, and I'm just taking it further here.

New logo design to me - personal choice - also feels good tbh, for the points made in this thread and on the forum.

Re: 'K' there's only one, but many fonts. Just like the organic nature of fedi, needs there be strict brand consistency? A question.. idk.

@dsfgs @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

Can we be honest. Pentagrams have negative conotations. We personally saw it for a long time on F-Droid. It did not make us want to learn more about it. About a year later we started doing searches on alternatives to Facebook. Another system, #Diaspora, was presented by search results first. After continued reading/research Fediverse was discovered by us.

When #Fedilab got a new icon we felt it would greatly assist onboarding.

@humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

> Can we be honest. Pentagrams have negative conotations.

Because nobody has guts enough to give it a positive one.

Are we THAT spineless?

@humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

Gnu have been using the hooved animal/motif for a while (30-40 years?).

At some point we need to use the language and iconography that speaks to as many people as we can engage.

@humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul


> Gnu have been using the hooved animal/motif for a while (30-40 years?).

So what?

Are we making a logo or a mascot?

I have a proposal for a mascot as well, if that's what you're going for.

@humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

Before today, we thought the pentagram was the old Fedilab icon.

The icon doesn't really scale down.

It exudes great complexity. Not simplicity.

The colours are nice but again we need to ask ourselves will this detail just be discarded by web developers and designers. It seems so.

The design has existed for years and hasn't grown legs. If this was the icon for Fedi maybe it hasn't reached the outside world for a reason?

@humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul


PS. One is an anti-use of the logo: and looks very much an arcane symbol to me

Of your other points.. other logo addresses them all, except "network neutral" and "star".

On the first: not everything is connected to everything on fedi. Not apps, not instances. And its a strength related to freedom (e.g. block Gab)

On the latter: A star would be a node. The universe is a mesh (if you connect stars), or a fabric

@dsfgs @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul


> On the first: not everything is connected to everything on fedi. Not apps, not instances. And its a strength related to freedom (e.g. block Gab)

This is what I mean by "unnecessary technical details". We are making a logo, that conveys the general idea, not a map. If I want people to see an actual map of the Fediverse, I give tham a link to

@dsfgs @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul


> looks very much an arcane symbol to me

uh... What? Why? Just because it consists of the social engine logos?
@dsfgs @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul


Why does something elicit a feeling deep inside you? I don't know, but it does. It may be the connotation we talked about is deeply engrained with me (the pentagram not as much as e.g. the swastika, though that too apparently has positive meanings elsewhere in the world, though maybe flipped vertically, idk).

But anyway, I am not arguing strongly for or against one or the other, just giving feedback. Have no high stakes otherwise 🤗

@dsfgs @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

@humanetech @drq @dsfgs @nestort @pfefferle @person @eylul instance blocking is not really effective as it usually affect normal people and it's problem of moderation of particular instances, not the logo.

Also Gab removed federation. We all bullied them out from Fediverse and can't say we lost anything. :blobcatgooglyshrug:
@drq @dsfgs @humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @person @eylul >Because nobody has guts enough to give it a positive one.

Would joke on that but I'm gonna be canceled once again. :)

I don't think we need another icon than :fed:. We need to decide, once and for all and :fed: is already used and recognizable, at least in Fediverse.

@drq @humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

In the back of our mind, when thinking about a #fediverseIcon we should be asking ourselves, "Will people use this like the fakebook and screwtube icons."

Having thought about this yesterday, we realised that most entities use the #mastodonIcon, which may not be correct.

The pentagram star is just too busy. Also, symmetry is not really important for developing an identity. It really depends on what we want to achieve with symmetry.

@dsfgs Also symmetry I mentioned because it is just pleasing to the eye, in addition to those points.

@humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

To be fair if it was symmetry it wouldn't be tilted.

Keep in mind with symmetry, the more perfectly symmetical something is the less interesting it can be, also.

Symmetry also conveys uniformity which is not something Fediversers probably care much about anyway.

Interested to hear your thoughts on our designs if you get a chance sometime.

@humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

@dsfgs It's symmetrical against the visual center (nodes are at the same distance) and also against the axis which is tilted according to the "emotion matrix" (it points up and slightly to the right, which in most cultures means "forward", which gives the logo more positive visual meaning).

@humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

We didn't know that the star and pentogram was being used to describe Fedi today. If the community are happy with that then that's fine.

The impression that got recently was different but it was maybe a a limited impression of ours.

@humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

@dsfgs Maybe you also didn't know that the pentagram is a Christian symbol? Originally ancient Greek, Pythagorean, yeah, twas a symbol of health to them, but Christians used it as well, in positive light also, five joys, five wounds of Christ, etc., etc.

Asians used it as well, to describe the elements of nature.

So please, PLEASE, PRETTY please, don't give me that tired BS about "negative connotations" of the pentacle. Symbols are only what we make them.

@humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul


yes, but the Christian connotation is probably an even stronger argument against this logo use then.

Fediverse is for all religions, all cultures, no preference, neutral in that choice, full freedom, fully (fe)diverse.

I am unaware how strong the connection is, but will be even harder to change connotations across the world.

@dsfgs @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

@humanetech A lot of cultures that dabbled in geometry had their own pentacle, you know. I'm just deflecting "it has a petagram on it, so it must be secretly or openly satanic" bullshit.

@dsfgs @nestort @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

@drq me neither.. was just thinking from general perspective.

@humanetech Yeah, me too.

A five-pointed star is just a five-pointed star. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, dammit.


> Junior Jazz Dance Classes

I'd bet my ass this is intentional, and I love the hell out of it if it's true.

@drq ha ha, was thinking the same. Need a "really malicious mind", huhuh :D

Mostra els més nous

Well, I think it is totally licit for anyone to expose their reasons to support this or that version.
Here I go: the original proposal is for me totally acceptable, and it has the advantage of an already accepted use (for some people; it's not universal).
These new ideas here presented could be by themselves better ideas (or not, of course, that's subjective!), and could have "won" should they have been presented at the beginning.
@drq @humanetech @dsfgs @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

My intention behind creating these new ones is, to come up with one that I (and some of the people in this thread) think it better conveys the idea of Fediverse.
However is it useful to adopt it? I'd say yes if:
- The old one has some serious problem that prevents its adoption
- And the new one addresses this and adds some good value

I'm not sure both conditions are met, so I'm not sure, despite the effort, that it's worth it.

@drq @humanetech @dsfgs @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul

Maybe a good first step would be to launch a poll about the original logo, try to spread it as much as possible in the Fediverse to get the maximum number of opinions. If it looks people accept it, then there is probably no need to change it, even if we can think of "objectively better" options.
This is how I see the issue, at least...
What options could such a poll include? Is a Mastodon poll correctly handled in other softwares?

@drq @humanetech @dsfgs @pfefferle @tallship @person @eylul


It's not any sort of pentagram, it's an accurate depiction of network topology in the Fediverse, and it's the current defacto representative graphic as well as one that hasn't really been perceived as anything non-secular to any significant degree, Although it does resemble the overtly geometric symbology of the psychedelic drug subculture:

@humanetech @dsfgs @nestort @pfefferle @person @eylul

TBH this image on the tee, is sexier than the "pentostar" Fediverse design.

We'd be tempted to create a third design concept but the second one we did appears to have been missed in yesterday's barrage of messages, see (hashtag)FediverseIcon so if people take a look at that one and provide feedback then a third one might be offered.

@drq @humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @person @eylul

Here is the latest Fediverse icon design.

Can you tell what things we were inspired by? *wink*

Treatment p1:

#Stickers Treatment p2:

As per other designs if you like it please toot the image as we can't #uploadImages, and files are deleted from the server in a few weeks.

@tallship @drq @humanetech @nestort @pfefferle @person @eylul


It is indeed another nice candidate. One to discuss and maybe further improve based on feedback.

But as @nestort proposed, we'd better make a decision on current logo design first, by holding a poll and going from there.

I just created a follow-up to #SocialHub with the status of this discussion. You might want to post your contribution to the thread.

@tallship @drq @pfefferle @person @eylul

Glad you think its a good candidate.

Feel free to add the designs that you like of ours to that site, as we are not able to signup at the moment.

Voting is vulnerable to spoofing on the internet. A discussion based on the merits. Is best. After that designs are refined and people should justuse whatever they like on their site.

I'll upload the SVG if people dig it.

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