"An Examination of Modern Conflict (An Analysis of the USA's Pattern of Collapse that Leads to Civil War) Part 1 of 2: collapse"


”This post is about the US's current pattern of collapse and how it compares to modern collapses that led nations into localized armed conflict. […]

However, the address the people asking before, I will comment below with the situation leading up to Yugoslavia's break-up.”


Part 2 of 2:

"Formerly fringe elements of the United States political landscape have become mainstream, and it is being carefully manufactured into a polarizing, militarized, competition of realities. The historical end result is localized armed conflict which creates a vacuum for radical societal change. The only people who deeply suffer from these events are the ordinary citizens, and time has run out to prevent such an event or its world wide consequences."

@calculsoberic Yes, very interesting. I don't agree with some elements that appear there, but many of them seem very plausible (also, I don't live in the USA, so there are some things I just don't know, but make sense to me). Scary indeed.

@nestort oh, I do live in the USA! There may be some things that are inaccurate, but I have witnessed firsthand some of the radical groups here, which was part of why it was frightening.

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