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Did you know there is an unofficial proposal for a logo to represent the ? (
I attach it here. We would like to know what you think, in order to decide whether to stick with this one (already adopted in some places) or to work on a new design.

Please answer the poll at the following message, and boost both posts so they arrive at the maximum number of people. Many thanks in advance 🙏✨

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Nestort :fed:🐘✅ ha impulsat

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There are no charges pending against Julian Assange in the UK. A UK judge denied the US's request to extradite him, the only place where charges are pending.

Despite this, the judge just ruled he must remain imprisoned - in a COVID-ridden high-security prison - while US appeals.

2021-01-06 11:38:57

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A paragraph about power dynamics, and the often neglected awareness of power within a group (even if it is formally horizontal, power dynamics tend to appear (and tend to stay hidden unless very obvious, which makes them difficult to deal with)).
From the book "Sitting in the Fire. Large group transformation using conflict and diversity" by Arnold Mindell

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"La Ciberguerra que se está librando a nuestro alrededor"

«En el año 2008, una persona – cuya identidad continúa siendo un misterio a día de hoy – dejó tirado un pen drive USB en el aparcamiento de una base militar norteamericana de algún lugar de Oriente Medio. Alguien debió encontrarlo y conectarlo a algún equipo informático...»

"Si el capitalismo es una sindemia, va a seguir produciendo virus y pandemias. Ese es el futuro y no es halagüeño. La política y la ciencia deberían estar luchando para liberar a la humanidad y a ellas mismas del capitalismo. Eso sí sería bueno para todos"

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"Capitalismo pandémico" por Santiago Alba Rico

Lucidísimo artículo.

"El covid, como he dicho, fue efectivamente creado en un laboratorio porque el capitalismo ha convertido la naturaleza entera en un laboratorio; las vacunas, por su parte, traducen efectivamente ambiciones de poder porque el poder económico penetra ya todas las esferas del conocimiento y, aún más, del conocimiento aplicado."

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Nestort :fed:🐘✅ ha impulsat
Nestort :fed:🐘✅ ha impulsat

Quan ens Bakunin 💉🏴 rebrem superpoders per anul·lar els xips ⚡ de Bill Gates i acabar amb la opressió dels grans capitals 💰. Llençarem paguetes 💶 pels ulls i expropiarem amb un espetec de dits 👌

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#fediverse note that there's also the search for a slogan to accompany the #logo #design ..

So far we have:

Fediverse: The People's Web

Fediverse: Social network, social

Fediverse: People. Social. United.


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Nestort :fed:🐘✅ ha impulsat

Do you want to discuss something with the person who runs your Mastodon instance?

✅ To contact your instance's administrator, click on "About this server" in the bottom left corner. This will bring up a page with the admin's Fediverse address and email address.

Each instance has its own admin, who has complete control over the instance. They are the people to talk to if there's a problem or if you have a question or suggestion.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Admins

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He creat a @viquipedia la pàgina "Dia del domini públic 2021" on podeu consultar una llista d'autors valencians, catalans i balears les obres dels quals han passat a domini públic l'1 de gener de 2021 (autors morts en 1940).

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The #fediverse logo design challenge is still waiting for someone to collect the $1 million prize ;)

@pfefferle just pointed to a very nice old logo design.. the one of the Federated Social Web Summit:

Maybe and brightness of current #logo can be combined with the more organic #design of this logo?

Fedi is grassroots and organic, after all, right? But also more vibrant and diverse, than a growing 'spore' that the matte green conveys.

#ux #ui #art #artist #artwork

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If permaculture is all about relationships, then we need to consciously design for relationships WITHOUT DOMINATION.

This is the premise of liberation permaculture.

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many criticise permaculture because it doesn’t fully challenge the roots of oppressive systems. If we are truly to re-design our lives for freedom and autonomy and respect for the land then we need to break the denial and get to the roots of understanding our current state of affairs.

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iPhone workers given choice of forced labor or being sent to detention centers, says an investigation by the Tech Transparency Project.

It suggests that iPhone glass supplier Lens Technology has been using Muslim minority Uighurs, who were given the stark choice of working in the company’s plant or being sent to detention centers which have been likened to concentration camps …


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