Hey all!I am researching on the topic of federation and more focused on Mastodon. I would really appreciate if you could answer to this question:
— What made you move to Mastodon?
Thank you so much for all the help you can give me, love, Pedro

@pedrosaclout Hello, I was tired of Twitter toxicity and ego’s fights but at the same time out of curiosity about “what is quitter”.
By the way, do you noticed that this server is related to Catalan people and culture?

@pedrosaclout I was running a GNU Social server (quitter is the interface) for about one year and after that started running this Mastodon server, which is almost two years old.

@spla It is also interesting to know all these insights for what brought people here, for how long they are running their servers, etc.. Hope I will get more users and admins like you! Thank you once again!

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