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YAML configs for:

1. NSA Events to Monitor List

2. Events from the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Security auditing and monitoring reference

3. Exploit protection events based on attack surface reduction events

And, which Windows auditing events require failure and success logging?


I have a few more to share next week.

#security #cybersecurity #infosec #elasticsecurity #blueteam

Riveck ha impulsat
Riveck ha impulsat

We're very excited (and a little bit nervous :D) that is planning to go virtual this year via Matrix for chat/community, using for the video conferencing. Read all about it (and how you might be able to help!):

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Do you remember when Firefox had a builtin RSS reader, webpages had a subscribe button..

I miss those days.

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Pixelfed for Android and iOS is in active development.

We'll be looking for beta testers next month!

#pixelfed #ios #android

Today is Alan Turing birthday (June 23th, 1912). We owe him winning the WWII against nazis and modern computers. Imagine a world where he didn't exist. Rejected by society because he was gay, he killed himself at the age of 42. He saved us so we could kill him with our stupidity.

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Riveck ha impulsat

We are preparing to release Instagram Import.

Download your export from Instagram so you are ready when it launches! #pixelfed

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This is just to check in how much interest there is in the following:

Would you like to see Tails to run on mobile phones such as the #PinePhone?
(boost also counts as a yes)

What's Tails?
Tails a portable operating system that protects your privacy and helps you avoid censorship.

I'm looking for someone to invite me over or please? I promise I'll contribute with good content 😅

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Riveck ha impulsat

LOL of the day: "you have to send us this XML file whose contents match the following MD5 Sum"

Hm, I guess I'll have to figure out where I can safely pad the file to force the collision, right?

No! I can put the given MD5 digest in an <MD5> XML element and it's accepted as valid regardless of the actual file contents!

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Hey #Python...

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