@thegibson @tek @ajroach42 @angristan @snder I'm seeing clusters of IP addresses from Russia registering bots at a rate of 1/hour on my two instances. Looks to me that someone is preparing to influence the Fediverse.

Do you see the same?


@seb @thegibson @tek @ajroach42 @angristan @snder Kafuka.ME has also been subjected to the same attack. One I noticed that wasn't on your list was attacks from I've been playing wack-a-mole all day with the pending requests. I've been adjusting firewalls and harding as I go, but if we have a known bad actors list or an automatic system that would make things a bit easier as things happen..

@emuz @thegibson @tek @ajroach42 @angristan @snder

I started two lists that I will maintain - Happy to add anyone's IOCs to it. Also ran the IPs and domains through some threat intel tools - Seems to be anonymizing infrastructure mainly. Also, the sheer size of the infrastructure (incl. all the mx records of the domains etc.) makes me believe this actor is doing this professionally.



aconsejo configurar el registro en modo "requiere aprobación". Lo tengo así y hoy sólo se ha querido registrar uno que he rechazado.
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