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Full phone number database of #Clubhouse is up for sale on the #Darknet. It contains 3.8 billion phone numbers. These are not just members but also people in contact lists that were synced. Chances are high that you are listed even if you haven't had a Clubhouse login.

Ethan Lee se plantea retirarse de la programación debido a Proton
El conocido programador con más de 80 ports a Linux a sus espaldas ve una amenaza en la herramienta que él mismo ayudó a crear

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Use @delta_chat@twitter.com with your existing email for an encrypted WhatsApp-like experience, without tracking or central control.

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'Stadia Porting Toolkit' will help bring more games from Windows to the cloud

is working on a "Stadia Porting Toolkit" which aims to make it easier for developers to bring their games from to .


20.2.2 release adds app support and other interesting improvements for security and enhanced user experience.


Chats de voz 2.0: Canales, millones de oyentes, chats grabados, herramientas de gestión

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