Toot fixat

¿Os habéis leído las normas de uso de Twitter que entran el vigor el 1 de enero de 2020?

“O sin motivo”.

Added a new tool for reading Medium articles in peace:

You can also grab the article as Markdown -- maybe even publish to #WriteFreely!

La unidad de España está por encima de la verdad

La Audiencia no interrogará a los agentes del CNI que visitaron en prisión al imán de Ripoll

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I wrote a blogpost why I'm moving my content from YouTube to #PeerTube. I hope more content creators here will follow.

ProtonMail's Black Friday deal is here! Get up to 50% off ProtonMail Plus during our only sale of the year. The sale ends tonight at midnight (Pacific Standard Time). All details available here:

We did it again!!💪
🎉Today, we're excited to announce our latest achieved‼️🙌 team for the dedication and effort to this project 🙏 Let's celebrate together!!!
Let's Enjoy the CVermut Party!!!! 🎉

Mastodon supports custom emojis! You can upload anything you want, and it'll even appear on most other servers running our software. Does "Twitter" do that?

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