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també treballem des de les 18.27h en un incendi de vegetació forestal al massís del Montgrí. Ara mateix, al lloc, 20 dotacions terrestres i 7 (2 helicòpters de comandament, 2 bombarders i 3 avions de vigilància i atac)

2021-07-22 17:17:02

By destroying habitats of endangered wildlife and displacing Indigenous peoples, we are taking a huge step back from achieving both environmental and social justice. Governments must protect people and our nature against greedy businesses. #ActOnClimate

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The climate crisis is here and is impacting us all, especially the Most Affected Peoples & Areas. Everyone must stand united for immediate, just and concrete action from world leaders!


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Globally, May 2021 was "only" the sixth-warmest May (tied with 2018) in @NOAA 142-year record.
BUT it was the 45th consecutive May and the 437th consecutive month with temperatures, at least nominally, above the 20th-century average.

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♻️"Me ha tocado ver como muchos grupos también se han ido rompiendo, deshaciéndose, hundiéndose… y aún sabiendo que es una dinámica normal, he notado que hay una debilidad común en muchas de estas desapariciones"
"La tragedia de los cuidados"
🤒 https://izaroblog.github.io/es/personal/2019/01/02/Cuidados.html
#IzaroBlog #Cuidados

According to new research from NASA and NOAA the amount of heat the planet traps has roughly doubled since 2005, contributing to more rapidly warming oceans, air and land. The extra energy is equivalent to every person on earth using 20 electric tea kettles at once.

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

The Washington Post: Earth is now trapping an ‘unprecedented’ amount of heat, NASA says.

Global warming, driven by the burning of fossil fuels, has been heating up and drying out the American West for years. Now the region is broiling under a combination of a drought that is the worst in two decades and a record-breaking heat wave.

“The Southwest is getting hammered by #ClimateChange harder than almost any other part of the country, apart from perhaps coastal cities,” said Jonathan Overpeck, a climate scientist at the University of Michigan. “And as bad as it might seem today, this is about as good as it’s going to get if we don’t get global warming under control.”


Climate Change Batters the West Before Summer Even Begins nyti.ms/3xuQGbM

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