Warming Himalayas cause deadly #algal #bloom in Arabian Sea

As snow and ice melt in the #Himalayan mountains, winter winds that blow down are becoming warmer and more humid. This alters the currents of the #ArabianSea and distribution of #nutrients – and in turn the marine #food chain, with #fish
struggling in the new conditions.


#ClimateCrisis #ClimateScience

Scientists’ warning on affluence

Worldwide growth in #affluence has continuously increased resource use and pollutant #emissions far more rapidly than these have been reduced through better #technology. The affluent citizens of the world are responsible for most #environmental #impacts and are central to any future prospect of retreating.



#ClimateCrisis #Capitalism
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⚠️ German radioactive waste disguised as a "resource", never to be used, should not be dumped in Russia. ⚠️

Activists in Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia are opposing this.

#SayNoToNuclear #NuclearFree


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Op-Ed: Locust Swarms in East Africa Show the Interaction between the #ClimateCrisis and #Armed #Conflict

East #Africa continues to face an unparalleled threat to its #food and human security from the continued breeding cycles of #DesertLocusts. New swarms will begin to form in June and July, spreading from #Kenya, #Somalia and #Ethiopia across the #HornOfAfrica and over to the #ArabianPeninsula, #India, #Pakistan and #Turkey.


Fast response of cold ice-rich permafrost in northeast #Siberia to a warming #climate

The ice- and organic-rich permafrost of the northeast Siberian Arctic lowlands has been projected to remain stable beyond 2100, even under pessimistic #ClimateWarming scenarios. However, the numerical models used for projections lack processes which induce widespread #landscape #change termed #thermokarst, precluding realistic simulation of #permafrost #thaw in such ice-rich terrain.


$11bn: the cost of paying off nearly 100,000 blood cancer product liability lawsuits over #Monsanto weedkiller Roundup.

@Bayer has repeatedly maintained that Roundup is safe.

act.gp/31ibB4O #glyphosate

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Finland is also having a #heatwave t.co/FNKiaGPgrE

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The final maximum temperature today was 33.5°C. This is the highest June temperature observed in Finland for at least 81 years. #heatwave

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El Bubo scandiacus o búho nival es una especie de ave estrigiforme endémico de las zonas árticas del planeta, más concretamente de lo que se conoce como tundra,esta incluido en el género Bubo y pertenece a la familia Strigidae, en algunas zonas se le conoce también por los nombres de gran búho blanco, búho de las nieves y búho del ártico. #animales #naturaleza

El Bassaricyon gabbii u olingo de cola tupida es un mamífero del orden de los carnívoros de la familia Procyonidae, su hábitat natural está localizado en zonas boscosas de América central desde Panamá hasta Nicaragua, donde se le conoce por los nombres de olingo de occidente, cuchumbi, lingo, chona, martilla, cuataquil o pericote. #animales #naturaleza

El Arasarí crespo o Pteroglossus beauharnaisii es un ave del género de los tucanes que pertenece a la familia Ramphastidae, endémico de las selvas tropicales y subtropicales de la zona del Amazonas, situadas en Perú, Bolivia y Brasil. Estas aves de gran belleza que podría parecer que se visten con el arcoíris tienen como principales características su gran pico multicolor y un plumaje rizado y brillante que portan en su cabeza. #animales #naturaleza

Join our free Webinar with @WWFCities TODAY (6 May) at 11:00 (CEST) for a discussion on how #technology can help cities anticipate #climate hazards such as #flashfloods and be ready when these events hit. Register here: bit.ly/2S1R3br

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Chart: The Carbon Footprint of the Food Supply Chain

According to the largest ever meta-analysis of food systems, the carbon footprint of different types of food in your diet can vary widely.

visualcapitalist.com/visualisi #climatecrisis #climateemergency #environment #pollution #food

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Bristol Airport expansion has just been REFUSED by North Somerset councillors.
They voted 18:7 (1 abstained) essentially that economic gain does not outweigh catastrophic environmental impacts including climate change. A victory for climate justice over dinosaur economics!

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