Did you know there is an unofficial proposal for a logo to represent the ? (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fedivers)
I attach it here. We would like to know what you think, in order to decide whether to stick with this one (already adopted in some places) or to work on a new design.

Please answer the poll at the following message, and boost both posts so they arrive at the maximum number of people. Many thanks in advance 🙏✨


Here is the poll about the unofficial logo for the (see logo in previous post).
Do you think this logo serves the purpose of helping to spread the adoption of the Fediverse? (i.e. it is attractive and conveys the idea of Fediverse)
Please also answer this post with comments so we can gather more accurate feedback. Many thanks again 🙏✨

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For all the reasons outlined in the dialogue that we've been having. We think the unofficial logo should not be attempt to be taken widespread, and don't more harm than good to the image of the online community.

Popular culture matters, and the unofficial logo would repel the kinds of people that we would hope to attract.

The poll should say 'Yes, adopt it' rather than "yes keep it".

Online anonymous polls with vested interests are gamed. Go on merits of discourse.


@dsfgs i know @nestort probably wants to remain professional but i dont so uhh

Everyone is entitled to an opinion you have stated yours.

@nestort This is what happens when an online, anonymous polls are started and some have vested interests in the result.

They are a hinderance.

We would recommend calling it off and go by merit of the discourse, as stated.

@nestort Can you see the above toot by Eva?

Classy, random use of the 'c' word.

Can you please tell Eva that we made a typo. She seems to have blocked us over a missing 't'.

@colabunny @nestort
In terms of the current unofficial FediIcon (pentaStar) we would challenge the wording in the poll, "already adopted"? It has mostly been used as header images in a few news articles.

A nice way to immoralise the unofficial design but its not been "adopted" much at all afawct. In contrast, he Mastodon logo is adopted.

"Has been used sparingly", is the wording we would use.

@dsfgs @colabunny @nestort
Making any icon official is hard because Fediverse is just a term that no one have control over. Even the ActivityPub WG can't do anything over it than just show support because Fediverse is not just AP.

But in fact, we already adopted it, we already using it. There was a discourse and I'm sorry to tell that but it was before you came to Fediverse.

You don't like it? Well, stop talking and make your own. Good luck on forcing people use it though, that's not gonna be easy.

We agree that it's a community that would ultimately decides what #Fediverse icon to use.

The way we gauge the success of the existing icon is whether people have been using is the same way they typically used other #socialIcons.

Sadly they havn't. Before today, we thought that the unofficial logo was the old Fedilab icon.

TBH we passively avoided Fedilab for a year, due to the icon is had. We discovered Fediverse via websearch, then #Diaspora docs. Lol
@nestort @colabunny

@a1batross @nestort @colabunny
In our experience, people use the Mastodon branding rather than, Fediverse.

We posit that this is because the mastodon branding appears more professional and designed.

The original design has played a small part and should be immortalised on documentation on wikipeadia for instance, but we think to engage the next set of users it would be wise to reassess the icon we use.

Its early days still.

Soon we'll upload a design for consideration. DM us to be included.

@dsfgs @a1batross @colabunny
This logo came from a conversation between some people (me included) that thought that it would be a good idea to have a logo to represent the Fediverse (which I would say is more than ActivityPub, despite not 100% interoperable).
There is no central authority to decide anything, so its adoption is entirely up to everyone (for this or any other logo that appears). I'd say it is being mainly an exercise useful for the participants to reflect about the

I like monochrome logo better. It fits mature, respectful community.

@uu @nestort I think the colors are a bit 'childish'. Not sure why. And I presume the intent of the colors is to represent diversity. But to me, they scream 'kindergarten' instead.

Now that the poll has ended, we can tell you we did a duotone design that we think is more appropriate.

See comment no.(#)23 here:

SVG was also published by us in the last 48 hours see (hashtag)fediverseIcon.

I like this last pentagon shaped version very much.
Anyway, personally I won't be pushing for a change, as I have decided to trust the results of the poll (unrepresentative, flawed method as it may be).
Maybe the Wikipedia page could serve as a "universal" and hopefully neutral place to present all the alternatives?

Np, its a democratic thing based on usage really. If you or someone would be so kind as to setup a login at wikimedia for us (we cannot setup a login over Tor) and DM it to us we will upload that design.

We will change the password you give us as soon as we do anything and will tell you when we have done so for your peace of mind.

Thanks in advance


As we've said online polls generally when egos and Libre software is involved are not accurate.

Comments were generally oppositional. In nature yet the poll was the other way.

The "heck yeah, witchcraft" comment by the person whose comment we can no longer see because they blocked us over a typo, is not a positive comment in our view.

Also there are other shortcomings with the polling.

There are some options for an icon coming out and we look forward to exchanging ideas organically.

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